Improving the kettlebell snatch

Posted by Jason Griggs - Director and Founder of the U.T.Academy on 24th Apr 2016

The kettlebell snatch. An absolute staple in anyone's training whether it be with purely kettlebells or using a variety of tools. From fitness to sports conditioning, this one powerful exercise packs a massive punch! Which brings us to today's tip: how to improve the kettlebell snatch!

The kettlebell snatch when broken down is a three part movement

part 1. the swing - this is the initial kick off for the snatch one generally the first point that goes wrong. Most people don't use enough hip hinge to generate the power to start the swing and they also utilize a full arm swing. Meaning they let the bell swing too far away from the body, when the bell should stay nice and close.

part 2. the high pull - the mid section, and one of the most crucial points to getting this correct. If the bell isn't above the shoulder (as should your elbow be) when it comes time to hit the punch, you'll never make a good snatch. You'll end up with a clunky, weird and awkward looking clean and press that will just batter your forearms. Make sure you utilize a soft grip on the bell (super important piece for when you get to the punch or insertion phase of the snatch) and use enough hip drive to make sure the bell can float above the shoulder smoothly ready for the punch phase

part 3. finally the punch - this is the most common phase of the snatch that people get wrong. Usually due to intimidation or fear of the bell when it comes to loosening their grip and punching fast to make the forearm meet the bell and fold over the wrist. I can understand why, it looks super advanced and scary as hell for new users to kettlebells but once you get the confidence to master the punch as it is intended, you'll have a smooth as silk snatch that won't damage your forearm.

So how do we improve the punch and make it smooth?

Check out the video link for one of our favorite little drills that will help you master the punch in the snatch in a matter of minutes and have you snatching like a pro: