Power Bands Certification Feb 2016

24th Feb 2016

I've had a little bit to sit and digest what an amazing week last week had been and such a mind blowing privilege and daunting experience it is to be able to teach so many extremely talented and knowledgable trainers!

I have the distinct honor last week week of training 16 personal trainers in our most comprehensive course, power bands and our first course for 2016

We had lot of laughs and a lot of light bulb moments and a few eye openers of just how versatile this little piece of equipment could be and how powerful it can be to so many demographics.

The best thing about being exposed to so many talented and diverse trainers is when they can also teach you new things and allow you to see from a different vantage point!
To have seen so many Facebook updates and have received so many text messages saying that they loved the course and had lots of fun is what make this whole thing so worth it.

I'm eternally grateful to each and everyone of you and couldn't be prouder to have been able to share some knowledge with you! I'm sure there will be a few trainers messaging their clients informing them of the new things they've learned 

Check out some of the photos and action here:


Now we're rolling into Melbourne in March, NSW & Cairns in April!

To all our supporters you have no idea the amount of respect and admiration I have for you all!

Without you we cannót simply do this and it's a privelige to have the opportunity to show you something new!