Kettlebells Level 1&2 Online

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The Unconventional Training Academy has developed the most unique kettlebell training system in the world, utilizing a key principal from power bands training - change in base of support. Utilizing the unique 3 part training system ( traditional movement, integrated movement level 1 and integrated movement level 2 - change of base of support) participants will learn a multitude of powerful coaching and training techniques.

The aerobics step used in conjunction with kettlebells can not only help mobilize your clients into better positions for exercises because of the height difference but it also adds a great element of difficulty (while maintaining safety) to each move. Throughout the course you learn how to properly warm up and mobilize clients to effectively and efficiently with simple but powerful techniques. Start your clients moving from the basic stationary positions, into moving progressions and finally the dynamic actions using kettlebells and steps together.


You will learn how to safely instruct how to use kettlebells starting at their base progressions and how to build up to utilizing them with the step.

How to program effective and safe workouts for your clients

Learn to instruct moves such as:



high pulls




and all their progressions and regressions

and so many more



This course is accredited with Fitness Australia and carries with it 6 CEC points for each level



Thank you jason! You did a great job presenting. You made everyone feel valued and provided and excellent opportunity for personal development.

I am not a die hard fan of KB's but I know they are a great tool and thanks for sharing some ideas into different things we do.

I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years and also worked as a teacher and as a result I have attended a lot of personal development days over the years. It was very refreshing to see some one communicate effectively and have no ego about their abilities yet deliver a lot of information and knowledge in a professional yet enjoyable way.

Meg Richardson


 An amazing course not just due to its flexibility of delivery and learning method but because of the contents and skilled trainer.  I have learned much more than I expected and enjoyed every moment of the course.I have always been apprehensive about kettlebell training and after completing this course I now know the correct and effective ways that this training system can benefit my clients.The customer service was above exceptional with assistance and feedback. Highly recommend this course and the trainer Jason Griggs

Rhyanna Watson