At the Unconventional Training Academy we believe, go past the norm and use the most powerful and under used tools on the planet. This is exactly why, over the last 5 years, we have developed some of the most comprehensive courses available in Australia today. Each course has carefully been designed using our systematic and strategic approach to each tool, using each tool to teach into the next. Each exercise teachings a technique or movement into the next. Using this unique system we have developed, the learning experience is enhanced to a higher level ensuring each participant leaves each training course with this knowledge deeply trained into them. Building and cultivating a whole new breed of trainer.

Course options availble:

Unconventional Mobility 12 CECS

Power bands for mobility strength and conditioning - 15 CECS

Kettlebells level 1 - 6 CECS

Kettlebells level 2 - 6 CECS

Bulgarian Bags - 12 CECS

Integrated Movement Practitioner Level 1 ( mobility, body weight, power bands, kettlebells 1&2, bulgarian bags plus external modules)


Integrated Movement Practitioner Level 2 ( Barbells, Anchored Resistance Training, Macebells, Club Bells, Battling Ropes - cecs to come)

Master Of Integrated Correction ( Trigger point Therapy, Trigger Point Taping, Muscle Energy Teachniques, Anatomy Of Stretching, Integrated Corrective Exercise - cecs to come)