The Integrated Movement Practitioner

The Integrated Movement Practitioner is the culmination of 10 years of education and training resulting in the most comprehensive and systematic training system in Australia. The I.M.P details unconventional training over 6 core training courses:


Unconventional Mobility - this course will take trainers through numerous assessments to identify a multitude of structural dysfunctions in clients and how these dysfunctions affect movement patterns and muscle activation. With this knowledge participants are then taught how to address these dysfunctions through a multitude of techniques and tools such as:

Joint rolling - dynamic activation ( body weight, kettlebells & power bands), powerful release techniques using foam rollers, kettlebells, barbells & power bands and then finally using the appropriate stretching technique and tool.

Learn and master over 40+ powerful dynamic activation exercises, stretches and releases using barbells, kettlebells bodyweight and power bands



Body weight training - this course begins to show trainers and clients how to move their body's through their own body weight to create a more mobile and free flowing unit as well as developing true & diverse practical strength.



Power Bands - the largest and most comprehensive power bands course in Australia. This is the next step in the unconventional movement practitioner, teaching trainers how to use power bands as the first loaded resistance training tool. Power bands takes participants through a plethora of training methods starting with - mobility, dynamic activation, traditional resistance training, speed & agility, partnered and rotational, assistance, assisted resistance and de-loading.


Kettllebells level 1 & 2 - the most unique kettlebell courses in the world. Kettlebells takes trainers through the unique and powerful training approach to kettlebells by using an aerobic step to bridge the structural deficits in clients that lead to immobility issues and incorrect movement patterns. By raising the height of the base of support on one side of the body, clients will be able to move through a greater range of motion in exercises without the risk of injuries due to incorrect muscle activation and patterns


Bulgarian Bags - the ultimate strength, conditioning and grip training tool. The bulgarian bag has a multitude of uses and grip handles to train numerous styles of grip while moving through every plane of motion creating pure, uninhibited power and movement


Each course is the culmination and peak for each module. Before reaching each course, trainers will be delivered external reading materials and videos to enhance the knowlegde and learning experience before each course. This system will serve to further educate and prepare each trainer for each course resulting in a more confident and experienced trainer.

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