Trigger Point - Taping - Muscle Energy Techniques Launceston 29/30 June

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course #1  Trigger Point For Personal Trainers:

This hands on, practical intense day of training, takes personal trainers through the understanding and use of trigger point therapy. Personal trainers will learn the use of different tools to facilitate the release of trigger points and how to identify them.

Course #2 Taping For Kinesiology and Trigger Points:

This is an excellent  accessory course to course to Trigger Points for Personal Trainers to show personal trainers how to correctly tape to immobilize, stabilize, increase mobility and to assist the release of trigger points and tight muscles while helping to create new neuromuscular patterns.

Course #3 Muscle Energy Techniques:

This powerful course shows personal trainers how neuromuscular facilitation is a cornerstone in the corrective process. Begin to master how to assess dysfunctions in areas that are tight and then how to facilitate a neuromuscular stretching techniques to create new connection pathways and rewire the body's postural muscles. Learn through a huge practically intense day a multitude of different neuromuscular stretches to create new muscle holding patterns and greatly reduce pain and increase function in clients