UTA Team

Jason Griggs - Founder & Director


I started the Unconventional Training Academy through a passion for delivering powerful and unique training systems to trainers. Seeing a big gap in the fitness industry for some of the more unique training tools out there, I decided to create a detailed, systematic, easy to follow structure for each tool. This then lead to the evolution and growth of the Integrated Movement Practitioner Certifications and the Master of Integrated Correction system

This program details the systematic  process of our 6 core courses and their principles

1. Unconventional Mobility 2. Body weight training 3. Power bands training 4. Kettlebells level 1 5. Kettlebells level 2

6. Bulgarian bags

Level 2: 1.Barbells 2. Anchored Resistance Training 3. Macebells 4. Club Bells 5. Battling ropes

Master of Integrated Correction: 1. Trigger Point Therapy 2. Trigger Point Taping 3. Muscle Energy Techniques 4. The Anatomy Of Stretching 5. Integrated Corrective Exercise

Each of these comprehensive systems also have external modules for each course that further expands on the knowledge and skills gained during the workshops

This certification will guide each participant comprehensively through each process for training clients from the foundations, all the way to the elite level of fitness and movement. To further this I developed for each and every course a series of marketing and plug and play advertising tools for trainers to be able to truly show they are the elite professional in their area but more importantly to make their investment in our courses back. It is my mission to cultivate a whole new level of personal trainer and give them every tool to succeed and thrive in the fitness industry

Dan Huber - Presenter Maitland NSW


Steve Winchester - Presenter Sydney NSW


Jay Gray - Presenter W.A


Andrew Gittus - Presenter Nth Tasmania